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Has any one else notice or heard (terrible noise) the motor bikes off roading by Erith Yatch Club?

The noise on Thursday night was unbearable also the smell from the bikes was bad. I live in the housing estate opposite this land. Is there any thing the police can do to stop this?

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Hi Debbie, I know that the Police are aware of this issue - many of the bikes involved are unregistered and illegal. The Police did crack down on them a couple of years ago, but I do not know what the latest position is. I am alerting Erith Watches' main Police contact for some feedback, and I will let everyone know once I have an update.



Thanks I have only been here for a year and have never noticed the problem before.

Hi Debbie, I have spoken to our Police contact and he tells me that they do regularly patrol the marshes - and in the last year they have confiscated and crushed eight illegal motor bikes. If the problem is getting worse, then they need to know. If you wish, drop me a private message to and I will put you in direct contact with the local Police officer dealing with the matter. 

Hi Debbie - the Police have raided the bike group, and it looks like they won't be coming back.

Read the full story by clicking here.



I have moved now as I could not stand the noise but a big well done

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