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You may recall that last September Erith Watch witnessed the fly tipping of pallets containing nearly two tonnes of rotten bananas at the Council recycling centre in James Watt Way, behind Morrison's supermarket. A photo of the criminal dumping is above - click on it for a larger view. For various legal reasons the court case has been delayed - mainly as the two accused had absconded out of the country and gone to Romania. The case has been very quiet for some time, until I received the following message from Bexley Council Environmental Crimes Unit this evening:-

Regarding the two cases for which you made written statements, as you remember both defendants hot footed it back to Romania and were both wanted on no Bail Warrants. Well whilst at court on Monday morning re another case I was informed that one of the defendants Anton Munteanu had returned to the UK over the weekend and was arrested on his arrival and was currently in the cells at Bexley Magistrates Court.
The case was heard in the afternoon where he pleaded guilty to seven offences of Fly tipping, which included the two offences which you witnessed and four others captured on the CCTV Camera at James Watt Way. He also pleaded guilty to an offence at another set of recycling banks in Dartford. He also pleaded guilty to two offences of failing to have a Waste Carriers Licence and one of Collecting Scrap Metal without being licensed.
He was sentenced to 26 weeks imprisonment (6 months) on all the fly tipping offences to run concurrently. No separate penalty was awarded for the Waste Carriers Licence offences or The offence under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. He was ordered to pay £1000 in clear up costs which was broken down to £800 to the London Borough of Bexley and £200 to Dartford Borough Council.
He was also in Breach of a 12 week suspended prison sentence, The court decided to activate 6 weeks of that sentence and he was given a further 6 Weeks imprisonment to run consecutive to the 26 weeks making a total of 32 weeks. The court also ordered the forfeiture of the vehicle concerned in all of the offences.
Thank you for all your assistance in notifying the London Borough of Bexley about the fly tipping issues at this location and helping to bring this defendant before the Courts and contributing to a very significant conviction and sentence which will hopefully act as a deterrent to others who may be considering committing such offences.

An excellent result for Erith Watch, and hopefully a deterrent to other criminals.

Hugh Neal

Erith Watch.

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