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Illegal bikers on Slade Green Marshes intercepted.

North End Safer Neighbourhood Police team made the following announcement today:-

"As you may remember, at the recent North End Ward Panel meeting, one of the promises chosen was Off Road Bike issues. Last weekend (2/3 May) an Operation was carried out by ourselves along with several other officers from Bexleyheath including an off road bike officer. During the Operation on the Saturday, 4 bikes were stopped close to Erith Yacht club and Section 59 warnings given to the riders. It seems that word quickly spread as there were no more bikes seen on the Saturday and on the Sunday (always the busiest day) not one bike was seen riding at the location. We have carried on the operation on a smaller scale this weekend (5 officers) and another 6 Section 59 warnings have been given. Due to legislation, no bikes were seized at this time but the warning means the bikes are seized if caught again. We are now hoping that the word will spread among the Off road bike community that if anyone is caught at this location, warnings will be given and any repeat offenders or anyone riding along the footpath will have their bikes confiscated with a fine imposed. Patrols will be ongoing when the team is on shift. The landowner and partners responsible for access have also been in the hope that all access points will be made more secure in the future".

This is excellent news, and shows that our views as local residents are being listened to by the Police.

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