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Erith Watch have been working closely with North End Safer Neighbourhood Police team to identify members of the scooter and motor bike gang who have been riding illegally in the local area recently. Several youths were spotted in James Watt Way at around 8pm on Sunday evening; they were riding illegally, pulling wheelies (as can be seen in one of the covert photos above) and menacing both pedestrians and fellow road users. A number of photos have been supplied to the Police by Erith Watch, and both illegal riders have been issued with a warning and a section 59 certificate. This means that if they care caught again carrying out illegal activities on their scooters, the vehicles will be confiscated by the Police, and possibly crushed. We urge Erith Watch members to be vigilant and to report any illegal activity - accompanied with a photo if possible, but do not put yourself at any risk. We hope that by cracking down on a few, the others may reconsider their ways, or go elsewhere. 

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