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RSPCA alerted regarding traveller ponies.

The two traveller ponies that have been kept on the piece of waste land behind Morrison's have been notified to the RSPCA. They appear to have been neither fed nor watered for several days, and the small amount of remaining grass in their enclosure has now been eaten. I have been monitoring their condition on a daily basis, on on the current evidence, it would appear that they have been abandoned. Although just outside the Erith Watch area of responsibility, it is only humane that the animals are kept under observation. The previous "if you have any concerns, please call this number" signs from the owner are no longer present, and no water or hay have been provided for the animals for several days. I have spoken to the local RSPCA office, and they will be sending an inspector on Sunday to check on the health and wellbeing of the animals. Despite them being given blankets, the local weather has at times had a wind chill factor of -12 degrees and I have witnessed the ponies trying to eat plastic and other rubbish blown into their pen by the icy wind off the River Thames. It would appear that they are very hungry indeed. I will provide an update as soon as additional information becomes available. 

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