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Youths illegally riding an unlicenced trail bike in Manor Road.

The photo above was taken by a member of Erith Watch at 5.25pm on Saturday the 27th September. It shows two youths who have been illegally riding an unlicenced trail bike in and around Manor Road for a number of months. They are not wearing helmets, and habitually ride the bike at extreme speed on the pavements in the local area; they are a danger both to themselves and others, especially pedestrians with small children and the elderly. The photograph has already been forwarded to the North End Safer Neighbourhood Police team for action. It is highly likely that the youth who has turned his head to look at the camera is already known to the Police. If you know who the youth is, please inform Erith Watch, or contact the North End Police team on 020 8721 2023. Any information will be treated in confidence.

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