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Bikers from the "Amazing Bikes" club on Manor Road.

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Comment by Hugh Neal on September 17, 2012 at 21:05

Erith Watch are not anti bike or biker - and the clip you see here does not show much misbehaviour on the part of the bikers. However, there were a couple of incidents of bike racing / riders pulling wheelies and a small number of illegal vehicles that were not caught on this video recording. Police will be on hand for the next meeting of the bike club on the 27th September. If the small proportion of bad apples can be discouraged, it will mean a better experience for other club members and local residents alike.

Comment by Hugh Neal on September 26, 2012 at 14:03

Hi all, and thanks for your postings. As I initially wrote, Erith Watch are not anti biker - in fact one of the team is an avid rider himself. The article reflects the feelings of a number of local people who have very clearly made their views known - several of which during the recent newsletter delivery. Most of the bikers are fine, but there are a number of bad apples - and they are not the local lads on scooters and the like - I personally saw a middle aged man on a lime green racing Suzuki wheelying past my house last club meeting, closely followed by two others also riding high powered bikes - and this kind of behaviour is what we need to be stopped. Please also note that the collective noun "a gang of bikers" is grammatically correct - it does not imply any nefarious angle - just as you would call a group of birds a flock.  I'm happy to discuss this offline if you so wish - there is a lot going on that we cannot currently publicise. If you email the Erith Watch mailbox, I will get in private contact with you to explain the background. The bottom line is that at present the bike club has (unintentionally) got itself some bad local P.R, which is not helpful to anyone.

Comment by nigel tandy on September 26, 2012 at 15:52

hello there ,thanks for adding me as a member to your watch group , i may just add im nigel tandy , the owner of amazing bikes , before we all state the right and wrongs of motorbikes coming and leaving our once amouth meets , ide like to say ive lived in erith 43 years , ive owned a company in erith 22 years ,, last year we saw a massive slump in the area ,, drug infested ,, low emploment ,, well you no the list goes on ,, at this piont i desided to try and bring something back to the area,, its not much , but a start , basicaly for there to be a social event , for all petrol heads and families , the night is free , theres food , lots of bikes cars trikesand quads, bits of entertainment , this event is for all local famelies and for people who have a intreast in anything petrol related ,,and allthough we have been threatered with the police , we want them tobe apart of our social event , come and have a burger with us and chat to local people witch are here having a good free evening ,,, sory if there has been a few bad apples , but for me ive now seen todate 1100 people in all having a great time , so wot ever we have to fine tune to get it right we will ,,, we dont want to be a problem for this area , we want to be a salution ,,, nige

Comment by Fiona S on September 26, 2012 at 21:32

Hi, as a Mum with a young toddler being disturbed by this noise when she is trying to get to bed I find these, now monthly, occurrences quite stressful. As even Nigel himself states there are LOTS of cars, bikes AND Quads - surely 1100 people and therefore possibly over 800 vehicles in itself is an issue and needs to be officially stewarded somehow. The disturbance usually lasts from before 8pm till after 10pm. If they are meeting out on the marshes then they should be restricted to the site until the meeting is over and be advised to leave at the legal 20mph speed limit to reduce disturbance to residents so late in the evening. I cannot believe that this is a family event as most children are in bed by 8 or 9pm and besides it is surely not a child friendly environment. It feels like we are living on Brands Hatch and we cannot relax and enjoy the evening etc because of the noise levels. I look forward to this being resolved soon.

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